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Driving a personal vehicle is the primary mode of transportation in the United States today. Driving is often associated with independence and freedom, but inevitably there will be a time when we all have to retire the keys. Whether we make a conscious choice or are forced to stop suddenly due to a health issue, we all must be prepared for life without our personal vehicles.

This page is designed to provide you and your family the following:

  1. Resources, materials, and assessments to ensure your safety while you still drive.
  2. Information for planning your own retirement from driving and tips on talking with a loved one about giving up the keys.
  3. Transportation options when you or your loved one no longer drives.

Be proactive! Learn about adaptive devices for driving and use the assessments and skill builders to improve or evaluate your driving skills. Plan for your own car key retirement. Check out what transportation options are in your area. Driving is one of the most complex activities we do, but rarely think about. It is worth taking the time to plan for your mobility needs now and in the future.

Keeping You Safe While You Drive

Roadwise Review: An online assessment tool to help seniors drive safely longer 
Fitness to Drive online screening assessment
AARP CarFit: Look for a CarFit event/ course in your area 
AARP Safe Driving Course: Find a Course Near You or Register for the Online Course 
Driving Decisions Workbook: U of Michigan, Transp. Research Institute
AAA Mature Driver Improvement Course 
Older Driver Self Rating Form - AAA
DriveWell toolkit
Resources Guide to Car Safety for Seniors

Safe Driving in Tribal Communities (CDC)
Veteran's Safe Driving Initiative
Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for Veterans in the early years after returning from deployment.
Senior Road Safety Guide 

Retiring From Driving

How to Help an Older Driver and other brochures - AAA Foundation
Hanging Up the Keys? - National Center on Senior Transportation
Assessment Readiness for Mobility Transition (ARMT) tool
Driving Retirement Planning & Making It Work - Iowa Dept. of Transportation
Building an Individual Transportation Plan
We Need to Talk: Online Seminar Course on Talking About Giving up the Keys 
At a Crossroad: Understanding Dementia and Driving 
Alzheimer's Association: Dementia and Driving Resource Center
Cost of Driving Calculator
Common Conditions and Implications for Safe Driving Handout
Family Driving Agreement: Keeping Us Safe, LLC

Transportation Options

Bay Area Rural Transit - serving Ashland, Bad River, Red Cliff, Washburn, Park Falls, and more
Center for Independent Living of Western WI: New Freedom Program
Disabled Americans Veterans (DAV) Van
Eldercare Locator - find services throughout the US
Northeast Wisconsin Regional Access to Transportation (NEWRAT) 
National Volunteer Transportation Center - locate a volunteer driver program
SMRT Bus: Vernon, Crawford, and La Crosse Counties - Scenic Mississippi Regional Transit

Southwest Wisconsin Transit – LIFT Program

Transportation Options for Older Adults

Many transportation programs throughout the state can be found below. Although the whole state is not represented in these links (we are working on it!), your local county/tribal aging unit or aging and disability resource center (ADRC) will also be able to assist you in finding transportation options in your community.