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Aging Units operate with significant help from volunteers.  Aging programs can get technical assistance on all aspects of volunteerism by contacting GWAAR’s Volunteerism Specialist, Carrie Porter. 

The following are resources for aging program staff.


Support Information & Statistics | Risk & Liability | Technical Support | Volunteer Driver Programs | Emergency Preparedness

Support Information and Statistics

CNCS Volunteering & Civic Life in America - annual data
Doing Good is Good for You, Volunteer! n4a report  New
Retaining Volunteers: Why Volunteers Leave You

Types of Volunteer Recruitment
Volunteer Resource Center From n4a 

Risk and Liability

Legal Issues Relating to the Use of Volunteers Presentation
Additonal Information Specific to Volunteer Driver Risk and Liability
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Technical Support


Background Checks
Confidentiality Agreement Template
Confidentiality Statement Template
Volunteer Application Template

To find out how to track volunteer time, mileage, or expense in SAMS, contact the data management lead, Carrie Kroetz.

Volunteer Driver Programs

For more information about volunteering specific to volunteer driver programs and to access the volunteer driver training toolkit, visit (new page) the transportation page under volunteer driver program resources and volunteer driver training toolkit.

Emergency Preparedness

For information about emergency preparedness, check out the Emergency Preparedness page. new page