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Wisconsin Aging Units can get transportation support and technical assistance by contacting GWAAR's Transportation Specialist, Carrie Porter.

The following resources are for aging program staff.


Identifying & Overcoming Transportation Barriers for Clients - NADTC paper for anyone helping arrange transportation for clients or patients NEW

Transportation Coordinating Committees: Connecting People, Connecting Communities June 2015

This guide include all you need to create, justify, revitalize and engage a transportation committee in your community.

TCC Webinar 7/16/2015 Recording - Lori Muzatko, Walworth Co., and Janine Dobson, Price County talk about their TCCs.

Addressing Elderly Mobility Issues in WI – CFIRE Survey Results

Planning for Transportation After Medical Services - American Medical Assn.
Brochure to help patients and caregivers talk to physicians about their transportation needs.

Transportation Primer - Terms and Basic Funding Information March 2015

Beyond the White Lines: Transportation Newsletters

Beyond the White Lines (July 2015) - Transportation-Coordinating Committees
Beyond the Whilte Lines (Aug. 2015)
- Rural Public Transit
Beyond the White Lines (Sept. 2015)
- Amending Your Coordination Plan & WisDOT Update
Beyond the White Lines (Oct. 2015)
- Safe Driving
Beyond the White Lines (Nov./Dec. 2015)
- Safe Driving
Beyond the White Lines (Jan./Feb. 2016)
- Walking & Cycling

Beyond the White Lines (March-May 2016)
- Advocacy
Beyond the White Lines (June 2016) - Volunteer Driver Program Bulletin
Beyond the White Lines (Sept. 2016) - Transportation Budget Advocacy & Events
Beyond the White Lines (March 2017) - Budget & Association Updates

Best Practices and Templates

Transportation Solutions for Caregivers - Easter Seals
A guide for adult day services but applicable to all programs--transportation basics, barriers, coordination, funding, training and more.

ADRC of the Lakeshore (Kewaunee/Manitowoc)
Volunteer Driver Handbook

Center for Independent Living of Western WI – New Freedom Volunteer Driver Program

Orientation Materials

Door County

Door-Tran Homepage
Program Example         

Jefferson County

Volunteer Driver Handbook

Portage County ADRC Volunteer Driver Program

Volunteer Job Description
Passenger Policies and Rights

Driver Policies and Rights

Coordination Planning: County Plans and Documents

Transportation Coordination Information including county coordination plans
Federal Coordination Initiative: Rides to Wellness
TCRP Report 101

A Toolkit for Rural Community Coordinated Transportation Services.

Costs & Benefits of Transportation

Cost Allocation Tool for Transportation 2015
Sharing the Cost of Human Services Transportation - TCRP Report 144
Cost Allocation: A Cost-Benefit Model for Travel Training
Cost Allocation: A Learning Module from NCMM
Price Setting - Transit Pass Toolkit
TCRP Report 34
Economic impacts of Rural Public Transportation.
The Socio-Economic Benefits of Transit in Wisconsin-WisDOT
TCRP Report 91
Economic benefits of coordination. This is also a great idea book with case studies from existing coordinated efforts all across the country.

General Resources

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Federal Transportation Administration
National Association of Area Agencies on Aging n4a Transportation resources
National Aging and Disability Transportation Center

National Center for Mobility Management

Small and Urban Rural Transit Center: SURTC

Online training and other resources.
AARP Driving Resource Center

WI Association of Mobility Managers (WAMM)

WI Public Transportation Association (WIPTA) formerly WURTA

Grants - State and Federal Funding

Specialized Transportation Assistance Programs (85.21, 85.215, 5310)
Grant Programs for Local Government

Medicaid Transportation Manager/Broker

Forward Health Update July 2013: Transition to MTM
MTM (Medical Transportation Management)
WI Department of Health Services, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation - NEMT Webpage

Nursing Homes Transportation for Medicaid residents:
ForwardHealth Online Handbook - Nursing Home non-emergency transportation 
2010 ForwardHealth Memo for Nursing Homes
Nursing Home Transportation Options and Methods for Reimbursement of MA Transportation  

Volunteer Driver Program Resources

Community Transportation Assn. of America List of Volunteer Program Resources
How to Establish Door-Through-Door Transportation Services for Seniors

Volunteer Drivers Guide to Best Practices – Washington State
National Volunteer Transportation Center

Risk, Liability and Insurance

Risk and Liability links (CTAA)
Legal Issues Relating to the Use of Volunteers Presentation by Milw. Legal Initiative for Nonprofit Coorporations
Liability and Immunity - Nat'l Conf. on State Legislatures (NCSL)
How to Conduct Electronic Driver Licesnse Checks: Public Abstract Request System
Volunteer Programs: What’s the risk? (N4a Webinar)
Report: Risk, Liability, and Loss Experience of Volunteer Driver Services
Office of the Commissioner of Insurance survey - Companies providing insurance for volunteer drivers
Volunteer Drivers & the Livery Exclusion on Personal Auto Policies (CIMA)

Driver Training Toolkit

Driver Training Toolkit new page
Resources for volunteer and paid driver training.

For more information about volunteer basics, visit (new page) the volunteerism page for professionals.