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Medicare Outreach and Assistance Resourcesnurse-elderly-woman-tablet

Medicare counseling for Wisconsin residents is available through a broad network of community partners. Working together, we ensure that Medicare beneficiaries can make confident, well-informed health insurance decisions, and get help when they need it. These efforts are supported by two federal grants:

  • The State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) grant supports local agencies in providing outreach, counseling, and enrollment assistance to Medicare beneficiaries and their families.
  • The Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) grant supports local efforts to increase awareness about low-income subsidies (LIS), Medicare Savings Programs (MSP), Medicare Part D in rural areas, SeniorCare Level 1, and Medicare’s preventive benefits.

This Webpage provides a variety of tools and publications for use by Wisconsin professionals engaged in SHIP and/or MIPPA grant-funded outreach and assistance.


MIPPA Grantees | Idea of the Month | Tools for Professionals | Outreach Brochures/Posters | Articles | Other Printable Materials | Outreach: Hard-to-Reach | Outreach: Preventive-Services | Outreach: Word-of-Mouth | PowerPoints | Outreach: Open-Enrollment | Medicare Bingo | Volunteer Resources | Additional Links

MIPPA Grantee Trainings and Information

August 10, 2017 - Employer Outreach | Recording
                        Employer Outreach Letter
June 8, 2017 - Using Social Media for MIPPA Outreach | Recording | Notes  
April 12, 2017 - Health Promotion and Preventive Services | Recording
February 2, 2017 - MSP and LIS Benefit Programs | Recording
                          Eligibility Quick Check  
January 12, 2017 - PowerUP! for Medicare Outreach
August 25, 2016 - Recording | Partnershp with Minority/Underserved Groups
                         Best Practices With African-American Families
                         Native American Fact Sheet   
                         Resources for Minority Groups   
June 16, 2016 - How Stigma Affects Enrollments
April 14, 2016 - Recording | Enrollment Assistance Events
February 4, 2016 - Recording | Marketing in Rural Wisconsin

Guide to SHIP-NPR Reporting Procedures for 2015-17 WI MIPPA Grantees
How to Generate Summary Reports in SHIP NPR
MIPPA Best Practices
MIPPA Brief Program Descriptions  
MIPPA Programs Short PowerPoint

Idea of the Month

August 2017 - Tools for Open Enrollment (OEP)
OEP Placemat              OEP Table Tents
     OEP Half-Sheet         OEP Tell-a-Friend Postcard
     OEP Flyer          
July 2017 - Outreach to "Hard-to-Reach" Populations
     MIPPA Article in Spanish and Hmong 
     Native American Fact Sheet 
     MIPPA Poster in Spanish
     Hispanic Resources in Wisconsin 
     Hmong Associations in Wisconsin
June 2017 -       MIPPA Outreach Facebook Posts
April 2017 -       Tell-a-Friend Letter
                       Tell-a-Friend Postcard
                       Thank You Postcard
                       Testimonial Request
March 2017 -     Medicare Resource Kits
February 2017 - Outreach Letter to Service Organizations
                       Outreach Letters to Professionals
                       Valentine Placemat

Tools for Professionals

Medicaid vs. Medicare
MSP/LIS/SeniorCare Data Sheet

One-Page Medicare Costs
PAM Collection Form

Partnership With Health Promotion

Outreach Brochures and Posters 

MSP-LIS-Senior Care Brochure Version 2
MSP-LIS-Senior Care Poster 1
MSP-LIS-Senior Care Poster 2
MSP-LIS-Senior Care Poster 3
MSP-LIS-Senior Care Poster 4
MSP-LIS-Senior Care Poster 5
MSP-LIS-Senior Care Poster 2 - Spanish
Brochure Insert - Eligibility Guidelines
Brochure Insert - Health Promotion
Veterans-ADRC Brochure

Articles to Customize 

Open Enrollment 2017 Article
Prevention Just Makes Sense
Short Prevention Article

Giving the Gift of Health

Keep Your Heart Healthy
Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit
Medicare Article in Hmong & Spanish
Never Too Old to Immunize
New Year's Resolutions for Better Health
Questions and Answers about MSP and LIS
Save Money and Reduce Stress (MSP)
Save Money on Health Care

Other Printable Materials

Home-Delivered Meals Outreach Card
Home-Delivered Meals Flyers
Medicare Placemat 1
Medicare Placemat 2
Medicare Resource Kits
MSP LIS Table Tents
Outreach Letters to Professionals

Outreach for Hard-to-Reach Populations

Hispanic Medicare PowerPointHispanic Resources in Wisconsin
Hmong Resources in Wisconsin
Medicare Article in Hmong & Spanish
Native American Fact Sheet
Medicare Poster 2 - Spanish

Preventive-Services Outreach

Medicare's Preventive Visits
Medicare Prevention Wellness Placemat
Preventive Services Chart - 8½ x 11
Preventive Services Chart - Legal Size
Preventive Services Chart With Flyer
Preventive Services With Word Search

Word-of-Mouth Outreach

Participant Testimonial
Sample Tell-a-Friend Letters
Tell-a-Friend Postcards
Thank-You Postcard

PowerPoint Presentations

Hispanic Medicare PowerPoint
Maximize Medicare PowerPoint
Staying Healthy: Medicare's Preventive Services Presentation

Open-Enrollment Outreach

Open Enrollment Flyer
Open Enrollment Half Sheet
Open Enrollment Pharmacy Letter
Open Enrollment Table Tents
Open Enrollment Tri-fold Table Tent
Guide to Using the Medicare Plan Finder

Short Guide to Planfinder

Medicare Bingo

CMS Medicare Bingo Files for Outreach Activities

Kenosha County Bingo Cards
Kenosha County Medicare Bingo Terms

Volunteer Resources

Medicare Volunteer Agreement
Medicare Volunteer Application
Medicare Volunteer Position Descriptions
Medicare Confidentiality Agreement
HAP Volunteer Guide
Wisconsin SHIP Volunteer Guide
SHIP Volunteer Page on GWAAR Website new page

Additional Links

CMS Guide to Medicare’s Preventive Services  
Guide to Benefits for Seniors
Medicare Counseling for Wisconsin Residents
Medicare Website
Protecting Against Health Care ScamsSHIP logo
SeniorCare Webpage
SHIP TA Center
The Medicare Blog
What the Health Care Law Means for People With Medicare Advantage
WI Institute for Healthy Aging Workshops

This publication was supported by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services with financial assistance, in whole or in part, through a grant from the federal Administration for Community Living.