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Advocacy Toolkit

The materials in this advocacy toolkit were developed to provide people with tips and tools for communicating with legislators and policy makers, as well as rules and language regarding advocacy vs. lobbying. In this toolkit you’ll find documents to help develop your strategies as well as fact sheets and position papers that will provide you with the statistical data and ammunition you may need when speaking with your legislators.

Lobbying Rules

Do I Need to Obtain a License to Lobby?
Does Your Organization Need to Register as a Lobbying Principal?

Wisconsin's Lobby Law: How Does It Affect You and Your Organization?

Working With Legislators: What Can I Do and How Do I Do It Presentation

How-To: Effective Advocacy

Tips for Providing JFC Testimony March 2017
Pronunciation Guide for Everything Wisconsin including the names of state/federal legislators
Advocacy Resources August 2017
Excerpts From the National Council on Aging's Advocacy Toolkit
Guide to Effective Advocacy August 2017
Take the "A" Train: Get on Board and Learn About the Issues July 2017
The Power of One! Being an Effective Advocate August 2017