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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources is to deliver innovative support to lead aging agencies as we work together to promote, protect, and enhance the well-being of older people in Wisconsin.

Our Philosophy

With the modernization of Wisconsin’s aging network, change has presented big challenges but also offers great opportunities. At the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, Inc. (GWAAR), we’re focused on the opportunities and let our principles and values drive all that we do as an area agency on aging.

Leadership. Throughout our agency we both demonstrate and recognize leadership. We try to not only respond to needs, but anticipate them. And because we respect and value the leadership and professionalism of county and tribal aging program staff, we encourage and support leadership development at all staff levels.   

Innovation. Because of the geographic and cultural diversity of the state and the constantly-changing needs of older people, we want to foster new, innovative ideas for meeting those needs. We’re taking a fresh look at how we operate and encourage county and tribal aging programs to do the same with an eye toward creativity in program development and problem-solving. 

Process Improvement. To some, process improvement sounds like a nice way of saying you’ve got a problem and we’re going to fix it. That’s not it at all. For us, process improvement is an ongoing process of evaluating the programs and systems employed to serve older people and looking for ways to make those programs and systems better, more efficient, and more customer-friendly. 

Finally, with the launch of GWAAR, we see new opportunities to promote the programs and services that county and tribal aging offices provide to older people in the state. It’s a great chance to honor and celebrate Wisconsin’s tradition of excellence—due in large part to the dedication and leadership of county and tribal aging program staff—in providing outstanding programs and services for older people in Wisconsin. We’ll continue that tradition by incorporating these principles and values into the way we operate as we work to support Wisconsin's seniors. 

Our Service Area

GWAAR serves aging programs in all of Wisconsin’s counties and tribes—with the exception of Dane and Milwaukee Counties.

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